There is so much to look forward to this year, whether you are into crazy dancing, listening and observing, taking part in the workshops we have it all here ready for you.


The Foreign Locals:
A band of rarity in artistry these days, an epitome of musical alchemists, connecting with their audience as a conductor would an orchestra. Old souls on young shoulders, blessed with the ‘spirit of the blues’ and a voice to match. Singer guitarist Joe is a whirlwind of creative energy, and blue is not the colour you will be feeling after a personal interaction as part of his crew.


The foreign locals

Son Yambu:
Play an authentic Cuban Son, the intoxicating fusion of Spanish and African rhythms that gave rise to salsa. They give this irresistible music a contemporary edge, bringing their audiences a truly, sensational, authentic Latin music experience. The band features a new generation of Cuban musicians who are all passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre, continuing the Buena Vista legacy that put Cuban music back on the map in 1997.
‘Absolutely tremendous…. Extraordinary music .’ Sean Rafferty, BBC Radio 3

Son Yambu 1
Are one of only a handful of Zimbabwean dance ensembles in Europe today. Fronted by the exuberance and charisma of Zimbabwean musician Kuda Matimba, Harare features a groundbreaking line-up, mixing the buzzing acoustics of the Southern African rich-toned marimba, mbira, ringing jingling guitars, swooping bass lines, irresistible dance rhythms and uplifting vocals. A virtuoso marimbist, Kuda Matimba was a member of Zimbabwe’s legendary Bhundu Boys, a groundbreaking force in the African music industry, as they paved the way for more artists to reach commercial success in Europe and the US.

The Watchsnatchers:
Three diaspora Belfast brothers playing a mix of traditional, own and contemporary music with a twist. Gavin the youngest is a traveller at heart and brings to the band vocals, whistle, guitar and bodhran. John also known as ‘Strapper’ is compared to Madonna, Cher, Sting and Justin Bieber as he has only just one name. STRAPPER plays guitar and mandolin, he adds his cultured vocals to the general cacophony and is definitely the villain of the piece…
Gary also plays bodhran and his harmonica playing is the aural cherry on this particular acoustic cake.



Samia Malik Company:
Samia Malik’s singing in Urdi is gorgeous, as are he melodies, but gorgeous through these are her writing is even more striking. She writes in the Urdu tradition of sung poetry and takes it to completely new territory by giving voice to her own and possibly a generation of Asian women’s experience in Britain. It is wonderfully powerful writing’ Alan Scott - Resonance



Rosy Mason
Rosy debuts this piece especially for Norfolk World Music Festival and has combined her knowledge of jazz and contemporary and worked with a live percussionist to create pieces of infectious African and Latin inspired dances



along drum


A singer/songwriter from Guimaraes in Portugal  who, accompanied by his own accomplished guitar playing, presents a distinctive and intense collection of songs. He cites a variety of influences, including Simon and Garfunkel, José Gonzalez, Radiohead and Metallica; with his melodies he transports us to an atmosphere of melancholy whilst daring us to dream of freedom and hope in a utopian world.


Diva and the DJ:

Diva and the DJ offer you classic songs from cool RnB, Jazz, Soul, Mood music, Reggae, Latin and Funk. They honour the legacy and keep the integrity of the songs creating all their arrangements bespoke in their own project studio. They are a live, cool Vocals and Sax Duo with contemporary sounds and beats.


Sefo Kanuteh:
Has been described by some of the world’s foremost Kora and Balafon players like Baba Maal, as
A Master Kora and Balafon maestro.
He is a virtuosic, soulful and authentic musician, his accomplishments are evident from his rich cultural DNA and impressive collaborations  with some of Africa’s most successful artists.
Sefo is as mesmerising as he is spectacular.


sefo kanuteh and layil barr

Taal Rasa Bhava Dance:
Taal-Rasa-Bhava Dance Academy is an organisation dedicated towards propagating the Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam to the communities around.


Taal Rasa Bhava Dance 2

Sisters in Mbira
Anna Mudeka and Millicent Chapanda are two proud cultural artists with a vibrant mission to bring the lived experience of women in Zimbabwe onto the international world music stage. Anna and Millicent are keen to give a voice to issues and gender barriers affecting women in the diaspora and back in Zimbabwe today. Above all a ‘Sisters in Mbira Show” is a celebration of Shona culture that calls on the ancestral spirits rising through the trance of cascading sound of the mbira and the pull of the voice to the outer worlds.


Sisters in Mbira

Are a four-piece klezmer band based in Norwich, featuring violin, cello, clarinet, double bass, guitar, accordion, percussion, and harmony singing.
Their repertoire pays homage to the traditional eastern European Jewish music known as klezmer, whilst putting our own Klezmerized! twist on it.
The result is a spectrum of fun, lively, danceable music with Middle Eastern, Gypsy and Balkan influences along with slower, soulful tunes and songs full of pathos and yearning.




Circus skills and performance by the Foolhardy Circus, Yogavision, Native American drumming, Bodhran, Samba, Imbube singing, Kora playing, Klezmer, Indian, Salsa dance. Fun African drumming, We welcome Liam and Sharon to the creative tent all weekend who will be showing you how to make Rainsticks, Kalimbas, Beading and Spoons. Great souvenirs to take home after the festival.








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