A taste of this year’s line up!

The festival line up this year is full of incredible artists from all over the world. Here is a little more information on just a few of our main artists this year!


Namvula is a singer, songwriter, photographer, workshop facilitator, and Co-Founding Director of Film Africa, London’s largest celebration of African cinema and culture. Her music is a fusion of her Zambian homeland, her Scottish roots and the eclectic music scene prevalent in London. She “blends African sounds and rhythms with Latin, jazz and folk into uplifting and emotive songs”.

You can find Namvula’s website here!

Here music is available to listen to for free here!

Or visit her Facebook page here!



Jordan Jackson, an accomplished jazz singer and pianist has been recording and performing since 2008. She writes her own music and is establishing herself around London. She also performs with a jazz band playing a delightful blend of jazz, soul and popular songs. Her music covers a variety of genres, including Acoustic Soul, Jazz and Alternative!

Visit Jordan’s website here!

Listen to her music here!


These are just a few of our main acts and there will be more information coming about all the other exciting acts we have soon!

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